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Our Story

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As a candle lover since I was a little girl, I definitely know the power of scent. I can remember lighting a candle after a not so amazing day and recollect how the phenomenal fragrance made me escape my entire day.  So, with that in mind I know how one amazing scent can literally not only shift an entire room but also an entire day. In 2020 when Covid-19 literally interrupted our lives, I got busy creating something that I greatly loved and missed. I missed simply being able to walk into my favorite candle stores with my husband, pick up an amazing scented candle and instantly light up in anticipation of lighting it at home. L’Ambiance by Je'Darmar is the luxury candle company dedicated to love and romance. L’Ambiance (the atmosphere) was created not only to appeal to your senses, but to invade your atmosphere. Our vision is to extend the love by creating an exclusiveness for lovers. Our candles set the tone by releasing a fragrance, creating a perfect space for love and romance. Through our luxury candles, we invite lovers on an aromatic escape, journeying through sensory. L’Ambiance by Je'Darmar Candle Co. is the atmospheric necessity; we invite you to allow our fragrances to meet your luxury candle desires and reintroduce romance back to your love life.

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